MCK Models

The Micro-Kelvin (MCK) is the smallest model conventional fridges of Leiden Cryogenics. The MCK is light and easy to use. The cool down time form room temperature down to the base temperature of 20 mK can be done in 3 hours. The MCK can be adjusted for larger sample space with the MCK76 or the MCK-HF (high field) with a 500mm tail for the use in high magnet fields.

MCK Models Tmin (mK) Q @120mK (μW)
MCK50-100 < 25 100
MCK50-400 < 25 400
MCK76-400 < 25 400

• MCK-High Field with tail for pulse magnet
• Adjustments for nutron scattering experiments
• Central clear shot into the mixing chamber
• Magnets